Our Core Services

Property Management

Self-managing your property investment can be stressful, time-consuming and complicated. You have worked for your investment; you deserve to relax and watch your investment work for you.
With our top-rated property management services backed with years of invaluable experience and reinforced by solid industry awareness, owners are guaranteed top-quality property management and maintenance that eliminate stress, optimise profits, and amplify good ROI.

Asset Valuation

Making informed decisions about the value and potential of your property investment requires adequate and trusted intelligence. The ultimate goal of asset valuation is to furnish you with the required intelligence necessary to make the most of your investments.
Our comprehensive approach to asset valuation engages a rich mix of cutting-edge tools, techniques, methodologies, industry data and expertise that provide accurate valuation and give a true sense of property value and potential.

Property Letting/Sales

Whether you're looking to rent out a property, sell a property, lease or buy a new property, a systematic approach will always enhance the outcomes.
Over time, we have evolved a proven system that truly works, operated by a team of experienced professionals who deeply understand the terrain of property letting and sales.
Against this backdrop, we deliver an end-to-end letting service from screening and finding tenants that match your preference, to negotiating contracts, handling lease agreements, collecting rent payments, and monitoring property use to ensure proper care from tenants, and achieve timely rent payments.

Facility Management

Facility management is at the core of optimising the value of property assets. Your facilities can appreciate better and offer greater returns when managed with sterling expertise.

With our track record of reputed expertise in facility management, we cover a diverse range of related services, including routine and emergency maintenance, repairs, security, energy management, sustainable management that keep your facility at its best form at all times, procuring maximum profits.

Feasibility & Viability Appraisal

Property development can be richly rewarding if approached with market intelligence and strategy. Prior feasibility and viability appraisals are cardinal to enabling the decision-making process and the creation of effective property development project strategy.

Our appraisal services involve a thorough analysis of proposed development projects to determine the technical, financial, and economic feasibility. We consider the various impacting and intervening factors such as market demand, site constraints, planning regulations, environmental impact, development costs, and market projections to determine project viability within the short, mid and long-term.

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