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Mamah Charity

HR / Admin

Mamah Charity studied Philosophy at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and attended the FRCN presentation school in Lagos. After completing her studies, she pursued a career in Human Resources Management and Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Charity gained recognition for her exceptional communication skill and ability to develop strong relationships with both employees and management, and was promoted to a Human Resource Manager within a year of her joining Kunle Ogunfile Consulting. She excelled in her role, ensuring that the company’s hiring practices were ethical and fair, and also developed training programs that helped employees improve their skills and advance in their careers. She worked closely with management to develop strategies that would help the company achieve it’s long term goals.

Charity is known for her exceptional leadership skills and her ability to inspire and motivate her team members, and has demonstrated a strong commitment to developing and implementing effective HR and ICT strategies in the organization.

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